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For the theme, "With Our Powers Combined", we created a tabletop card game. Here's the tl;dr version:

    A group of wizards band together to clear a cave system
    of it's elemental monster inhabitants. While not powerful
    enough individually, they are able to join their spells
    together to overcome the great difficulties facing them.


  • Kyle Kellogg
  • Kris Kellogg
  • Tyler Gates

The Game Contents

  • 80 spell cards
  • 30 challenge cards
  • 12 rune tokens
  • 1 playmat
  • 1 set of rules
  • 1 6-sided die
  • 1 elemental weakness/resistance guide

Supports 2-4 players.

Example cards

Example playmat

Example elemental weakness / resistance guide

The Setup

  1. Shuffle both decks (the spell and challenge cards).
  2. Select the 15 top cards from the challenge deck. Place them face down on the playmat.
  3. Place the spell cards face down on the playmat.
  4. Place the rune tokens in the center of the playmat.
  5. Each player draws 5 cards.
  6. Flip the topmost challenge card face up.

The Rules

  1. Each turn, players will select 1 card and submit it face down.
    1. With only 2 players, each player selects and submits 2 cards instead.
  2. When each player has submitted their card(s), flip the cards over.
  3. Players will then work together to select:
    1. 1 spell card for it's element.
    2. 1 spell card for it's power.
    3. 1 spell card for it's modifier.
    4. Any additional spell cards are discarded.
  4. Place the selected spell cards in their appropriate spell card slots on the playmat.
  5. Calculate your total spell power:
    1. Using the spell power, add any modifier affects first.
    2. Once modifier affects have been applied, calculate the elemental weakness/resistance modifier
  6. If your total spell power is greater than or equal to the challenge card's power you win. Add the number of rune tokens listed on the challenge card to the communal pot and proceed on to the next turn.
  7. If your total spell power is less than the challenge card's power you lose and, collectively, lose a life. You have 3 lives to lose this way before you have lost the game.
  8. The cave system / dungeon you're going through together is split into 3 levels. The 1st level is represented by the first 5 challenge cards. The 2nd level is represented by the 6th-10th challenge cards. The final level is represented by the 11th-15th challenge cards. At each new level, you will add +1 modifier from the top spell card of the spell card deck onto the challenge card.
    1. Challenges 1-5: 0 modifiers
    2. Challenges 6-10: 1 modifier
    3. Challenges 11-15: 2 modifiers
  9. Rune tokens can be spent after the total power of your spell has been calculated to flip the top spell card of the spell card deck and apply it's modifier to your spell. No more than 2 rune tokens can be spent for any turn.

The Special Considerations

Double Up! is a modifier. When you use it on your spells, it means you get to cast a second spell and add it's total power to your first spell's total power. You're limited to using 1 Double Up! modifier per turn. If you try to apply a second Double Up!, treat it instead as a 2x Power modifier.

If the Double Up! modifier is applied to a challenge, it means that both it's power and rewards are doubled. Challenge's, too, are limited to 1 Double Up! modifier. If a second is attempted to be applied, treat it instead as a 2x Power modifier.

Published Mar 30, 2015
CategoryPhysical game